Mine site approved electrical contractors servicing Emerald and surrounds

For almost 20 years, Kevall Electrical has been a key player in the mining industry of Emerald and the Central Highlands. Each of our electricians is fully mine site certified and trained in hazardous area work. Our aim is to reduce costs, minimise down time and increase productivity at your mine site or industrial plant.


Please phone or email to enquire about rates and availability. We travel throughout all areas of the Central Highlands.

Mining Tunnel with Lights — Electric Services in Emerald, QLD

Mine Sites

At Kevall Electrical, we know that a single piece of broken down equipment or wiring failure can bring a mine site to a halt. We offer a full range of electrical and air conditioning services to all facilities, equipment and work areas. Our highly skilled team works to get your production back up again as soon as possible. We also offer full maintenance services to reduce the chances of suffering down time from faults, and ensuring all systems are working at their most efficient. Thanks to our comprehensive testing and tagging services, our technicians can also ensure your electrical equipment is up to Australian safety standards.

Hazardous Areas

Safety is a major factor to consider in all areas of our work as electrical contractors. However, our team has undergone and completed training to be able to provide our effective services in areas classed as hazardous.


Utilising specialised equipment and techniques, our team can effectively work to employ all our usual electrical services without any additional risk to themselves or the worksite. This includes:

Please contact us for more information about hazardous area electrical work. We service all industrial and commercial clients with highly competitive prices.